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Cosmo St. Bernard, C.B.E, Q.C (1924-2021)

At Lewis & Renwick we are passionate about the provision of expert and professional legal services. The firm was founded in 1921 and at over 100 years old, our longevity and sustainability in the legal sector speaks to our commitment to excellence and the trust that our clients have put in us over the years. Our firm represents and provides legal services to a wide array of corporate and individual clients throughout the Caribbean and we pride ourselves on providing services that help our clients reduce risk and volatility in their personal, financial and business transactions. We believe that sound legal representation, advice and guidance leads to greater success, increased returns and peace of mind.



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Deborah St. Bernard

Ms. Deborah St. Bernard is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Bachelor of Science, Economics and Management Hons (1984) and Bachelor of Laws Hons (1993) and the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad Legal Education Certificate (1995). Ms. St. Bernard is an Associate Accredited Director of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Canada. Ms. St. Bernard joined the Public Service in 1978, served in the Ministry of Finance in the positions of Economist; Deputy Director of Budget and Planning Division; Deputy Director General. In January, 1998 she served in the Attorney General’s Chambers as a Crown Counsel, retiring from the Public Service in January, 1999. Ms. St. Bernard joined the law firm of Lewis & Renwick in February, 1999 and continues in private practice together with her brother, Trevor B. D. St. Bernard. Ms. St. Bernard’s professional membership experience is extensive. She served as Director of the Board of Directors of Grenada Ports Authority, Director on the Board of Directors of the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council, Director and later Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Financial Complex Limited, Member of the National Insurance Appeals Tribunal, Chairman of the Tax Appeal Commission, Member of the Public Service Commission and President Grenada Building & Loan Association. As a volunteer, Ms. St. Bernard served as Treasurer for the Grenada Bar Association, Member and Chairperson of Grenada Save the Children Development Fund.


Trevor B.D St. Bernard

Trevor B. D. St. Bernard is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) in 1993 and obtained the Legal Education Certificate (L.E.C) Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad in 1995. Mr. St. Bernard was admitted to practice at the Grenada Bar in October, 1995 and thereafter joined the firm of Lewis & Renwick. Mr. St. Bernard has been in private practice for the past 27 years and he has acquired extensive experience in Real Property, Mortgages and Conveyances, Corporate and Commercial Law, Commercial Advisory Services, Banking and Finance, Industrial Relations Dispute Settlement, Collective Bargaining Negotiation Processes, Contract Law, Civil Practice, and Project Financing. Mr. St. Bernard has served as Director and Chairman of various statutory bodies, private corporations and charitable organizations. He has conducted research for several publications including for the World Bank.